Rabobank National Merino Sheep Show & Ram Sale – Dubbo



    The Rabobank National Merino Sheep Show and Ram Sale, Dubbo, is the most prestigious Merino show in the country.

    It draws exhibitors and buyers from across Australia and overseas.



    COCKTAIL PARTY: There's the social event of the year with the cocktail party where the Rabobank Australian Supreme Merino Ram is named. The fleeces are also well worth seeing and we're expecting big things in that section.

    SCHOOL WETHER CHALLENGE: We also have the next generation battling it out in the School Wether Challenge and Merino and Fleece judging competitions. We're giving the next generation a wealth of experience and later on they may join our industry.

    FARM EXPO: www.dubbofarmexpo.com

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    Nikki Weir
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    Web: www.merinonsw.com.au/events/rabobank-national and www.dubbofarmexpo.com

     Downloads:  2019 Dubbo Catalogue Updated- 15/8/2019

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