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    NSW Stud Merino Breeders invest heavily in education and training programs for the next generation of sheep breeders.

    The annual School Wether Challenge is one such program, attracting more than 400 students from schools across NSW.

    It is coordinated by the Dubbo National Merino Ram Sale Association Inc. and aims to provide students and teachers with education and exposure to the Merino industry as well as associated industries such as wool classing and broking, shearing, nutrition, sales and meat processing.

    Each year, the Dubbo National Ram Sale Association purchases a line of Merino wethers which are then gifted to participating schools to care for and prepare for processing for a period of six months.

    It has been running for more than 10 years and has grown exponentially since its first year.

    The challenge reached new heights in 2021, with 65 schools participating – the most since the program’s inception.

    A total of 396 wethers were purchased by the Dubbo National Merino Ram Sale Association and distributed to participating schools across NSW and Victoria.

    Training days are held throughout the course of the challenge to provide ongoing assistance for school staff and students in caring for their team of wethers as well as helping to develop industry skills and knowledge.

    At the conclusion of the challenge, the sheep are assessed and scored based on the commercial values of their wool and meat, as well as their estimated five-year earning capability.
    The students are also assessed for sheep handling, presentation and knowledge of the industry.

    “It really exposes the students to not only the Merino industry, but all those associated industries that are crucial to sheep breeding such as shearing, wool handling, nutrition, meat processing and livestock agencies,” said Angus Beveridge, Chairman of the Dubbo National Ram Sale Association Inc.

    “It’s an excellent thing for schools and a great benefit for their agricultural departments.”

    The investment commitment continues following the conclusion of the program, with a percentage of the profits from each animals’ carcass and wool value being returned to each participating school.

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