Breeding Leadership 2022


    Breeding Leadership 2022


    Breeding Leadership is a National AWI program for young people in all facets of the wool industry - an opportunity not to be missed!


    Amie L'Estrange from Condobolin, NSW, proudly endorsed by the NSW SMBA, participated in Breeding Leadership in 2020.

    "I will be able to put all of these new skills into practise when I get home. I am very keen to continue on with succession planning and to be able to put in place new visions for our own business, strategic plans, risk management and to put from owner/manager to owner/leader".


    AWI have opened applications for the 2022 course and we encourage  25-35 year olds within the industry to apply.

    NSW SMBA can provide 2 endorsements:

    • Applicants applying through NSW SMBA and are still required to complete a full application and meet the selection criteria to be eligible for consideration. 
    • Applicants will prepare the required application and then forward it to NSW SMBA for review. If endorsed, NSW SMBA will submit the application on your behalf.
    • Endorsed applications will receive a letter of support and financial assistance to attend.


    Important Dates

    NSW SMBA Endorsement Applications Close   - 16 September 2021
    Applicants will be advised no later than 23rd September 2021, allowing the time to submit their application as a general application if they are unsuccessful.

    General Applications Close - 30 September 2021 


    How to apply - click here

    More Information is available - click here 

    Breeding Leadership

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