Shearing Inspections for Shows and Sales

    Shearing Inspections for Shows and Sales


    Shearing Dates

    Two Shearing Dates apply in NSW for the entry of sheep into Shows and Sales conducted by the Association:


    1st March: for Sydney, Dubbo, Great Southern Supreme Merino (GSSM) Canberra and Armidale.

    15th August: for Sydney, Dubbo, Bendigo and Adelaide.



    The following Guidelines have been adopted:

    1. The length of wool may not exceed 12.5mm on the Shearing Date.
    2. The inspection committee shall allow for wool growth at the rate of 1 mm each three days, until the end of March or mid September, and no further.
    3. All inspections must be carried out within 30 days of the Shearing Date (except for re-inspections), and the maximum wool length allowable at 30 days and any time thereafter, will be 22.5mm.
    4. Tags will be inserted in a position to be decided by the inspector, in consultation with the owner of the sheep.
    5. At the time of inspection, the same length of wool, over and under at the points and the belly, be accepted if they are not exceeding the regulation length.
    6. Forms must be checked to ensure they are correctly filled out with all necessary details included, and the unused portion of the Shearing Inspection Report will be ruled off, to cancel the balance of the form.
    7. The white copy of the Shearing Inspection Report and Tax Invoice will be handed to the owner of the sheep inspected, the pink copy will be retained by the Shearing Inspector, and the blue copy will be forwarded by the Council Inspector, together with unused tags and appropriate fees, to the Secretary, NSW SMBA, within one month from day of tagging.
    8. A charge of $110 or $11 per head (incl. GST), whichever amount is the greater, will be levied on sheep which require to be re-shorn to the acceptable length.
    9. Payment must be made on day of tagging, and in the case of re-inspection, those sheep having over the allowable staple length on that day, will not be tagged.
    10. Failure to notify the nearest area Shearing Inspection & Anomalies Committee member within 48 hours of an impending inspection, can render any such inspection null and void and no fees will be refunded.


    Additional Requirements

    The co-operation is sought from all members having sheep inspected, shorn and tagged, in regard to the following requirements:

    • Old Association tags must be removed prior to inspection.
    • Sheep must be checked for length of wool and any lumps removed before inspection.
    • Sheep clipped whilst being inspected, will be classed as being re-inspected and a fine will apply at the discretion of the inspector.
    • A holder must be available to hold sheep for inspection.
    • As this is a voluntary job, to save time, owners must be ready for inspection.



    There must be two Councillors or Special Inspectors present. Only sheep from registered studs are allowed to be tagged. The onus is on Members to arrange shearing inspections with Councillors, and this must be done by 14th February for March tagging, and 1st August for August tagging. Forty eight hours prior to the arranged inspection, the Councillor must give details of when and where sheep are to be inspected to the nearest area Shearing Inspection & Anomalies Committee member, as these Committee members have the right to attend inspections without notice. Current Committee members are Messrs, O.M. Rayner, J. Barron, J. Bensley, A. Beveridge, and A. Gall.


    Shearing Inspectors

    Shearing Inspection and Anomalies Committee members:
    O.M. Rayner (Chairman), J. Barron, J Bensley, A. Beveridge, J Campbell and A. Gall.

    Shearing Inspections can be undertaken by two Councillors/Life Governors, or any one Councillor/Life Governor and one of the following nominated shearing inspectors:

    • Greg Alcock, Greenland, Bungarby
    • Sean Ballinger, Waverley Downs, Delungra
    • Guy Evans, Tara Park, Boorowa
    • George Merriman, Merryville, Boorowa
    • Cam Munro, Egelabra, Warren
    • Reg Power, Olive Pyrke Terrace, Warialda
    • Malcolm Swords, Laraben Poll, Ulan
    • Stephen Swain, Genanegie, Peak Hill
    • Alistair Wells, One Oak Poll, Jerilderie



    NSW SMBA Councillors will collect fees for each and every inspection at the time of tagging. These fees are $5.50 per tag with a minimum payment of $55.00 (including GST). If payment is not made at that time, the fee increases to $11.00 per tag with a minimum payment of $110.00 and Item 9 above will be enforced at future inspections.

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