Annual Return

    Annual Return


    In December each year an Annual Return requesting sheep numbers and fees is forwarded to all members.   Studs with email addresses will sent their Annual Return for online completion from 2015 and invoiced for payment.

    Annual Return Tips

    • Members should keep the pink copy of the Annual Return, RCTI Invoices and VPs for their own records
    • Complete all relevant data fields
    • The closing date for Annual Returns is 28th February, after which a penalty fee applies
    • Late returns also risk omission from the next issue of The Australian Stud Merino Flock Register
    • As contact information shown on the Annual Return provides the basis for entries in the above register and the NSW Merino Stud Directory (now included in The Top Sire Annual), members should include personal names, email, phone, fax and mobile numbers


    Stud Records

    Every owner of a registered flock shall keep proper records of his stud breeding activities and in particular shall keep such records as may from time to time be prescribed by the Rules or by the Council.

    Each registered owner of a flock shall furnish to the State Committee full particulars of all sheep sold, leased or otherwise disposed of by him/her as stud sheep from his/her registered flock if the sheep sold are to be added to a registered flock or if the purchaser intends to make application to register the purchased sheep as a new stud.

    Forms known as Vendor's and Purchaser's Certificate (VPs) are provided by the AASMB for this purpose and may be obtained from the NSW SMBA upon request. These are to be issued and signed by the vendor at the point of sale of stud sheep and genetic material. A purchaser needs to request a VP from the vendor so that the purchase can be registered.

    Key to information required for Sheep Genetics (SG):

    The SG identification system provides a unique 16-digit ID for all sheep. An ID is constructed in the following way:

    - First two digits = Breed of the flock ) Example of 16 digit ID: 5049672005050012
    - Next four digits = Registered Flock No. ) 50 4967 2005 050012
    - Next four digits = Year of birth ) Breed Flock Year of On-Farm ID
    - Last six digits = On-farm Sheep ID No. ) Drop


    The breed code for Merino is 50 and for Poll Merino, 60.


    MERINOSELECT subscribers should ensure the ram owner signs in the space provided, fills in a 16-digit ID for each animal and, where possible, includes sire of sire information to increase the knowledge of linkage between studs.


    Non MERINOSELECT subscribers who elect to have sire information excluded from the SG analysis are requested to inform SG of this either through email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to PO Box U254 University of New England, Armidale NSW 2351, unless prior arrangements have been made.


    A VP consists of four carbonless pages:

    1. ORIGINAL, blue colour: Purchaser to include with Annual Return or application to register a Merino stud.
    2. FIRST COPY, either blue or green depending on when VP printed: Purchaser to retain.
    3. PINK COPY: Vendor to retain.
    4. WHITE COPY: Vendor to forward to State Merino Association at time of issue.

    The procedure for use is as follows:


    Vendors – When requested, upon selling stud rams, ewes, semen (quantities to be noted in DOSES, not straws or pellets), or embryos, complete and sign a VP as vendor, filling in details of purchaser including name, address and studname if applicable, and details of sale.

    The ORIGINAL & FIRST COPY are handed or sent to the purchaser.
    The PINK COPY is retained by vendor for own record.
    The WHITE COPY is forwarded to the State Merino Association.


    Purchasers – When buying stud rams, ewes, semen or embryos, request ORIGINAL and FIRST COPY of VP from the vendor, if possible at the time of purchase. Upon receipt, sign and complete the VP at the bottom of the form as purchaser.


    The ORIGINAL blue VP certificate is to be attached to registration application form or retained until the Annual Return for that year is received. After completion of the Annual Return, attach the ORIGINAL blue VP to the Annual Return and forward to the State Merino Association office. The FIRST COPY VP is retained by the purchaser for own records.


    Please follow these procedures so that accurate records are maintained and less time is wasted in chasing up VPs that have not been submitted to the office.

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